Fitness Classes

Weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fan

Result Boxing

Punch away those calories with a combination of pad/bag work and specific conditioning exercise.

Result Core

Pilates floor based class targeting the mid section. Great for anybody wanting a flatter stomach, stronger core and lower back.

Result Bootcamp

Circuit based class. A great all over body workout promoting lean muscle mass and a high rate of calorie burning.

Result Pump

Sculpt, define and tone up in this resistance-based class.

Result Fit

Result Fit is a high intensity cardio workout. Great fun and a great calorie burner.

ClubRight App

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6:05AM - 6:50AM Result Bootcamp
12:05PM - 12:50PM Result Pump
5:05PM - 5:45PM Result Boxing
6:05PM - 6:45PM Result Boxing
6:05AM - 6:50AM Result Boxing
12:05PM - 12:50PM Result Core
5:05PM - 5:45PM Result Pump
6:05PM - 6:45PM Result Pump
6:05AM - 6:50AM Result Fit
12:05PM - 12:50PM Result Fit
5:05PM - 5:45PM Result Fit
6:05PM - 6:45PM Result Fit
6:05AM - 6:50AM Result Boot Camp
12:05PM - 12:50PM Result Boot Camp
5:05PM - 5:45PM Result Core
6:05PM - 6:45PM Result Core
6:05AM - 6:50AM Result Pump
12:05PM - 12:50PM Result Core
10:05AM - 10:50AM Result Boot Camp

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We offer a variety of membership packages to suit your personal training preferences and needs.

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