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Gym Facilities

State of the art equipment

The perfect environment to boost cardiovascular fitness and lose weight as well as increase strength, power and build muscle mass.

Cardio Equipment

Use treadmills, X Trainers, bikes, stair masters. air bikes and rowing machines to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.​

Freemotion Resistance Kit

Sculpt and define your body with our range of fantastic FREEMOTION resistance kit from the US.​

Power Racks & Free Weight Area

Our gym offers a great selection of full racks with built in lifting platforms, half racks, 3 racks of dumb bells with multiple benches as well as a wide range of plate loaded resistance equipment.

Functional Space

30m² astro turf sprint track for prowler and functional work.

The Glute Lab

Introducing Durham’s only glute specific training facility!
The Glute lab is a subsection of the gym with 10 of the best Glute specific pieces of equipment on the market today.
We have designed this area so that you can grow and sculpt your glutes whilst improving strength and power.

Why should you train your glutes?

The glutes have a direct impact on your athletic performance: Jumping higher, running faster, lifting heavier – and becoming more powerful and explosive.

Plays a big role in injury rehabilitation and injury prevention, as having strong glutes can help prevent knee pain and knee injuries, as well as hip and lower back pain.

So what are you waiting for?
Come and build the booty you have always wanted at our Glute lab!

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